Let’s understand a few basics before you decide what type of system you need for your home. Look at the following image:

On Grid solar panel setup basics:

  • Availability of grid power is necessary for a On Grid system to function. 
  • What units of electricity you produce are used by your electrical goods and if in case you  produce any extra electricity that you unable to use then it can be pushed into the grid.
  • If your house faces constant power outages or does not have grid supply at all then on grid system is not for you.

If your house does not have a problem with electricity outages and has a stable grid connection then go for a On Grid system.

Off Grid solar panel setup basics:

  • An off grid solar power system is your independent setup to supply electricity to your house. If you carefully note the items that you need to run in your house then a off grid setup can be designed to suit your power needs.
  • The electrical energy produced by the solar panels is stored in batteries.
  • Backup of the system depends upon the load that runs using the system.

An off grid setup is your independent power house. If you design the system correctly then your house does not need grid power at all.

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