8 reasons to go solar right now

Beam Solar Pvt Ltd is a leading solar energy solutions provider, an “On grid solar panel system” is your independent setup to supply electricity in your house. Are you wondering whether you really need solar energy? A lot of aspects are usually kept in mind before switching over to solar energy. Going solar comes with ... Read More

10 myths about solar energy and the truth

No one can deny the benefits that solar energy can provide to your home or business. But there are many myths that still float around and confuse people. These myths might dissuade you from opting for solar energy and keep you at bay from its benefits. Let’s look at the truth behind some of the most ... Read More

How you will be helping the environment

Solar electric systems provide a sustainable source of clean energy. By installing a PV system,(EPC for solar panels) your environmental impact will decrease and significantly reduce the carbon emissions caused by burning fossil fuels. A typical 3kW Solar Electric System will offset the following: 180,000 lbs of CO2 (greenhouse gas) 300,000 miles driven in an average ... Read More

What all is in your solar energy system

The key components of any Solar System are dependent on whether it’s mounted on your roof or on the ground. For roof mounted systems, there are 3 parts: The mounting system – this includes the foot jacks that attach to the roof and the racking systems that support the solar panels The panels – this ... Read More