What all is in your solar energy system

The key components of any Solar System are dependent on whether it’s mounted on your roof or on the ground. For roof mounted systems, there are 3 parts:

Solar power plant components are dependent on whether the plant is supposed to be installed on a rooftop or on ground.

For any solar PV plant the key components are:

  1. Solar Panels – Any solar system is incomplete without its key component i.e. solar panels. Solar panels are fitted onto the mounting system and necessary wiring is done to move the DC current its produces to the inverter(s).
  2. Inverters – The main role of inverters is to convert the DC current generated by solar panels into usable AC current. Our households and offices need ac power supply to run equipment. Inverters are aso of many forms like central, string and micro inverter. Micro inverter is the latest technology where each solar panel is connected to a inverter that sends AC current to the electrical box.
  3. Mounting system – Solar panels are supposed to be mounted on a hot dip galvanized structure that is designed to support the weight of panels and hold them firmly in case of winds or other interference.
  4. Wiring and Balance of System (BOS) – Solar panels and inverter are the key functionaries of the plant but several other components are also required so that the plant runs the way it should. AC/DC distribution boxes, Surge protection devices (SPD), lightening arrestor and earthing protection is required to provide safety to the system.


For ground-mounted systems, the parts are similar except for the addition of several support poles that hold the panels above ground. Additionally, most ground mount systems require an underground trench so that wiring from the panels can be connected to the Electrical Box without being exposed to potential damage.

Even after installation the system is not fully operational until all inspections (state, local, utility) are complete.


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