What all is in your solar energy system

The key components of any Solar System are dependent on whether it’s mounted on your roof or on the ground. For roof mounted systems, there are 3 parts:

  1. The mounting system – this includes the foot jacks that attach to the roof and the racking systems that support the solar panels
  2. The panels – this includes the attachments to the racking system and the wiring necessary to move the DC current to the inverter(s)
  3. Inverters – this part converts the DC current generated by each panel into usable AC current. Some systems have a single inverter, where each panel is connected to a central wire and fed into the inverter, and the current is converted to DC. Some systems have micro-inverters on each panel, which means that every panel is sending AC current to the electrical box
  4. Wiring to and from the Electrical Box – this includes all wiring from the box to the meter and the shut off switch, connecting through conduits to the inverter or the panels on the roof


For ground-mounted systems, the parts are similar except for the addition of several support poles that hold the panels above ground. Additionally, most ground mount systems require an underground trench so that wiring from the panels can be connected to the Electrical Box without being exposed to potential damage.

These components can usually be installed in 2-3 days, but the system is not fully operational until all inspections (state, local, utility) are complete.


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