10 myths about solar energy and the truth

No one can deny the benefits that solar energy can provide to your home or business. But there are many myths that still float around and confuse people. These myths might dissuade you from opting for solar energy and keep you at bay from its benefits. Let’s look at the truth behind some of the most prevalent solar energy myths.


  1. Cold and cloudy places are not viable to install solar energy systems – Even during cold or cloudy weather, the sun is still out in the sky. Solar power can be utilized in such weather with great efficiency. For instance, many research centers in rain forests are running just fine only on solar power. Many places with cool climates and a lot of cloud cover harness solar energy, proving that weather is no bar to utilize the awesome power of the sun.
  2. Solar panels require high maintenance – In fact, solar panels are the exact opposite of high maintenance. Solar energy systems do not have any moving parts and thus cause no trouble in functioning. All that is required is to wash off the dust accumulated on the panels once in a few months. Other than that there is no real trouble.
  3. Going for solar energy costs too much – In the current fast paced world, you are constantly craving for smart investment options. Whether it is the fixed deposit or mutual fund, investing in a safe commodity is the first option. While your luxury lifestyle enhancements like cars and smartphones prove to be a depreciating asset, solar energy panels add their exact value to the value of your house. Not only that, in ideal conditions, experts believe that solar energy systems pay themselves off in about 7-10 years. This means that you will save enough in 7-10 years that the cost of installing the system is fully recovered.
  4. Wait until the technology improves – The technology behind solar panels is around for many decades and a very little has changed in the working. Solar energy systems are so efficient that there is absolutely no need to worry about the changes in technology in the near future.
  5. Solar panels look bland – That is absolutely untrue, as people are beginning to look the solar panels as a great addition to the house. You will be definitely drawing attention once you get solar panels installed.
  6. A tracking system will be needed to follow the sun – Although a tracking system might improve a little efficiency, but it is not needed. Solar panels are smart enough to harness the power of the sun.
  7. Solar energy is unreliable – Solar energy is now used to back up airports, railway signals and hospitals. Solar power is more reliable than the local electricity company.
  8. Manufacture of solar panels harms the environment – In the initial stages of production there is a little impact, but so does the manufacture of anything. Expert studies have concluded that a solar unit repays the energy it took to produce it in less that four years.
  9. Solar energy is inefficient – Solar power works as efficiently as does the fuel that runs your car. There is absolutely no need to worry about it.
  10. Solar panels will damage the roof – In reality, solar panels will protect your roof. Solar panels prevents the portions of the roof from being exposed and they are generally mounted on metal stands so they are not attached directly to the roof.
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